Amy Martin

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Amy Martin

Energetic Clearing & Usui Reiki Master

Available: Sundays 11-4pm

Once Upon a Lion and a Porcupine: Without knowing how to manage their energy, many empaths and people that are sensitive to energy can pick up and hold onto the energetic debris from their daily lives.

By helping to clear some of these energetic debris, Amy helps others to move forward on their spiritual path and journey.  Having worked with a variety of tools and modalities for a number of years, Amy can help you to clear this energy as well as provide guidance and counseling on how to manage your energy.

Part of the healing process and understanding your spiritual gifts can be learning to understand and manage your own energy.  By teaching you to manage this energy and helping you clear some of the energy from past life experiences, events or the energetic debris from your daily life, Amy can help make room for you to flourish and manifest the life that you want.

“Helping you to find the clarity and confidence to flourish during your ascension process as you follow your life’s path”

Amy can help you to gain the confidence, vision and tools required that will enable you to thrive while following your own life’s path with clarity, strength, and integrity.

Energy & Space clearing * Intuitive reading * Chakra balancing * Attachment removal


  • Crystal Healing
  • Attachment & entity removal
  • Intuitive empath, medium
  • Energetic & Space clearing
  • Chakra balancing
  • Tarot Readings


  • Energetic Clearing
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Entity & Attachment Removal

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