Sage Wisdom Shamanic Advanced Course


Sage Wisdom 2023: Navigating the Medicine Wheel Advanced Course Overview

SEPT. 9 • OCT. 14 • NOV. 11 • DEC. 9 • JAN. 13 • FEB 10


SEPT. 9 • OCT. 14 • NOV. 11 • DEC. 9 • JAN. 13 • FEB. 10

This multi-cultural shamanic course is an expansion on the foundational principles of the medicine wheel and shamanic techniques covered in The Introduction to the Medicine Wheel.  As you continue to apply the foundational and transformational principles and spiritual practices that have allowed you to live more authentically and with greater appreciation and reciprocity for all things, we will begin to dive deeply into the innate wisdom of the physical body.  

We will rediscover and remember the physical and energetic body as a map of our consciousness and reality and explore how to uncover the patterns and beliefs that are held deep within the body and advanced shamanic tools and techniques that allow us to make powerful shifts within our own selves.

As we continue to embrace the medicine wheel as a way of being, we will begin to rediscover and remember deep connection with our own selves and allow ourselves to unveil the old stories, patterns and beliefs that prevent us from living our fullest, most vibrant and authentic life.  As we unveil these old patterns, we will also dive deeper into the shamanic wisdom, teachings and tools that allow us to make even greater shifts within our own lives and realities so that we can begin to express ourselves in our fullest and most authentic way possible.  As we uncover, let go and release these old patterns, we truly become the dreamers of our own reality!

Each scheduled Saturday, we will gather in a safe, ceremonial space for deep remembering, rediscovery and expression of our authentic self as we learn to more fully embody ancient shamanic wisdom in our everyday lives.

The content of the course will include: 

  • Working with plant allies and Tobacco as an ally for clearing and protection
  • Creating and deepening your connection with your shamanic tools for shifting and clearing energy
  • Understanding the physical and energy body as a map for consciousness
  • Deepen our understanding of ancient shamanic wisdom to create powerful energetic shifts within our own reality
  • Uncovering and understanding our own patterns and beliefs so that we can live more fully, vibrantly and authentically 

Limited space in class, so get a deposit or full payment in as soon as you can to hold your space in the course.

Total Cost: $750

Payment plans are available. To pay in full, contact us.

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September 9: East – Inner Feminine

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December 9: North – Inner Masuline

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  • Kidney/Bladder
  • Mesa
  • Advanced Clearing (cord cutting, attachments, etc)
  • Eye gazing
  • Sound healing


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