Shamanic Clearing


Shamanic Clearing 

Shamanic Energy Clearing uses traditional tools including feathers, drums, rattles, flower water, smudges, clicking sticks, mesa and stones to move and absorb energy. We locate and remove such blockages and restrictions, clearing and re-illuminating with healing light. Techniques also seek to erase imprints that cause disease and replace them with light.

If you’re interested in learning more about what a shamanic clearing session at Soul Inspiration can do for you then contact us today at (720) 420-9666 to speak with one of our helpful staff. Or, just drop by our Federal Boulevard location any of the days we’re open to start a conversation about the classes and workshops available from our many practitioners. We also have Friday Open Meetings with many of our community in attendance. Come meet like-minded people and get the answers you need!


At Soul Inspiration, our practitioners provide a range of classes, workshops, and sessions aimed at promoting total spiritual health.

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