Jean Camacho

I highly recommend going here. This store has great energy. The moment you walk in, you can feel the good positive energy all around. I came here to buy some crystal bracelets as gifts for friends and they cleansed the bracelets during purchase. It was a lovely experience.

Franki Marshall

Love this place. Every single person I have met there were kind, extremely knowledgeable, and helpful. They clear the energy from the crystals and such before you leave the store which is an extra touch that sets this store apart from most others. Can buy ancestor money, herbs, crystals, candles, tapestries, and sooo much more.

Kristina Shepard

This shop has everything I need from herbs, crystals, tarot decks etc. my go to for sure. Heading over tomorrow to check out the new place since they moved to Northglenn. Excited! ❤️

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