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Cheryl Ramsey, Founder & Practitioner

Life is ever changing and evolving. Are you in need of guidance and support on how to move forward during these changing times?

She facilitates individualized healing by working with your angels, guides, loved ones and ancestors in a sacred, loving and non-judgmental way to help you conclude your own answers and assisting you in working to remove any blocks and bring you back into emotional, mental and spiritual balance that may be holding you back.

Working with the sacred teachings of Peruvian Shamans, Cheryl uses Shamanic tools such as the Mesa, Sami, the Icaros and many others that add a deeper level to the entire healing experience. You are likely to feel the presence of the ancients that assist Cheryl in her process during the healing.

* READINGS: Intuitive & Mediumship *
* Spiritual Counseling * Shamanic Clearings * Energetic Healing *

Get back into full balance of Self by scheduling a session.

Availability: Tuesday - Thursday - Friday 10:30am - 7pm

The Staff

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Energetic Clearing & Usui Reiki Master

By helping to clear some of these energetic debris, Amy helps others to move forward on their spiritual path and journey.  Having worked with a variety of tools and modalities for a number of years, Amy can help you to clear this energy as well as provide guidance and counseling on how to manage your energy.


Angelic Reiki Master & Teacher

Jason’s skilled use of these various modalities will be of great benefit to you whether you are seeking intuitive guidance and support, energetic healing, energetic clearing or making the deep connection with your personal Dragon Guide. Available: Saturdays from 11am-3pm

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