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Shea Gold

Reiki Practitioner
Crystals & Clinical

Available: Every Tuesday 2pm – 6pm

Shea’s purpose is to assist a person in their journey towards the Self. She believes that everyone has a unique energetic field, and she wishes to honor that. Therefore, she tailors her gifts based on the person’s energetic needs during the Reiki session.

When a person enters the space, Shea takes the time to sit with them and discuss how they are doing mentally, physically, and spiritually. During this process, Shea creates a safe environment to assist with intention setting prior to the session.

As a medium and intuitive, Shea is able to share messages and energetic themes that have presented themselves. She ensures compassion and empathy are at the forefront when sharing what has emerged. Upon message delivery, Shea supports the individual by navigating their present circumstances with the new information.

“The universe speaks”


Reiki * Visualization * Energetic Orb Detection * Mediumship * Energetic Clearing

“Through Reiki, Shea can provide the guidance and insight needed to connect a person with the Self.”


  • Intuitive
  • Guided Meditation
  • Trauma Orb Detecting
  • Medium
  • Energetic Chord Removal
  • Angelic Messaging


  • Bachelors of General Studies Psychology
  • Masters of Arts Psychology
  • Usui Reki Master Teacher

Readers & Healers

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