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Anjel Carbajal

Breathwork & Somatic Healing Facilitator

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Anjel is a Breathwork & Somatic Healing Facilitator, and a Certified Psychedelic Integration & Embodiment Coach. His work allows individuals to master their own healing, expand beyond their limiting beliefs, and become the highest versions of themselves. Anjel’s philosophy is that healing and transformation happen in the body. Breakthroughs happen somatically!

To become the creative force behind our lives and create tangible change, we have to address the underlying physiological issues in our body and nervous system that keep us in a reactive state.

The reality is that most of us are dysregulated, burnt out, chronically stressed, and have unprocessed trauma stuck in our body’s tissues. This causes physiological and psychological symptoms that have profound impacts on our health, emotions, and thought patterns. Anjel teaches his clients how to breathe properly, regulate their nervous systems, transmute suppressed energy that causes depression and anxiety, build stress resilience, increase their HRV (heart rate variability), and release the stuck fight or flight patterns of trauma.

“Don’t underestimate your capacity to heal yourself. You are your own medicine. You are your magic pill!”

Breathwork * Psychedelic Integration Coaching * Trauma Release *

 *Embodiment Coaching *Shadow Work *

As a Breathwork & Somatic Healing Practitioner, it’s my passion to show individuals how to master their own healing, expand beyond their limiting beliefs, and become the highest versions of themselves.


  • Breathwork, Trauma Release Exercises, Nervous System Regulation, Vagus Nerve Toning, Subconscious Rewiring
  • Inner Child & Shadow Work, Generational & Ancestral Trauma Support, Decolonial Shadow Work


  • Breathwork & Somatic Healing Facilitator
  • Psychedelic Integration Coach
  • The Anatomy School
  • B.A. International Relations – Univ. of Denver
  • Trauma-Informed

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