XXL Tapestry


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Tapestries are great way to decor a house, use as room separator, balcony decor, bed spreads, or large altar cloth. Each of our tapestries are hand made, so quality is guaranteed. Made of 100% cotton. 72x108"

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Regular, Buddha Tree, Celtic Cross Blue, Celtic Cross Purple, Zodiac Stars Blue, Zodiac Stars Red, Tree of Life, Celtic Elephant, Om Chakra, Yin Yang (Black & White), Yin Yang (Blue & Black), Goddess Kali, Egyptian Eye (Green & Black), Hand of Compassion (White), Sun God (Gold), Mystical Dragon (Tan), Moon Phase Goddess (Green), Knot Mandala (Blue), Dream Catcher (Green), Knot Mandala (Purple), Knot Mandala (Rose), Floral Triple Moon, Quan Yin Tie Dye, Floral Charmed Triquetra, Egyptian Eye (Brown & Black), 3D Three Tree, 3D Mushrooms/Skulls (60' x 90'), 3D Dragon Sun (60' x 90'), 3D Hamsa Dreams (60' x 90'), 3D Sunrise (60'x 90'), 3D Sun & Moon Clock (60' x 90'), 3D Elephant (60' x 90'), 3D Flower of Life (60' x 90'), 3D Evil Eye (60' x 90'), 3D Mermaid Sun Moon (60' x 90'), 3D Sun & Moon (60' x 90), 3D Celestial Zodiac (60' x 90'), 3D Tree of Life Tortoise (60' x 90')