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The Chakra Balancing Set is a set of 7 pocket sized orgonite pieces designed to balance and harmonize the entire chakra system and all 7 main chakras.
Each orgonite piece is created with stones that help balance and align each of the chakras. The chakra balancing set is an excellent set for personal use or for energy workers and practitioners.
The set can be placed under your bed to help balance and align your chakras while you sleep.

By placing them under a massage or reiki table, or directly on the corresponding chakras, reiki practitioners and energy workers can use them and their energy to further help balance and align the energy of each of the chakras.

The Chakra Set is made with environmentally friendly, bio-derived resin and seven different stones, each with the addition of terminated clear quartz points and selenite to amplify the energy of each individual piece. The set is cured while playing all 9 Solfeggio tones to infuse the resonance of the tones into each set.