Ohm Tuning Fork


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High Quality, made with accuracy. These are machine made tuning forks which are excellent for sound therapy unlike moulded tuning forks.
Crystal: Amplifies the energy with which any crystal can heal, particularly quartz crystals, through sound vibration. This Tuning Fork is used for activating any crystal while directing its energy towards the receiver. The Fork is also used effectively to remove unwanted energies already resent in a crystal.
High 272.20 and 544.4: It creates energy field around our body. It is believed that "OM" is the mother of all languages. Repetition of "OM" enables us to maintain mental and emotional calmness, overcome obstacles and enable understanding. It is an everlasting, never-stopping tone.Our soul has this same frequency. These Tuning Forks give amazing results in reaching out to Universal Energies, journeying, in an energy-work session. It creates new fresh energy around us.
Angel: The Angel Tuners open our spirit to the Angelic Kingdom. They are based on the ninth octave of the overtone series. These tones are ascending in pitch. The sound will be delicate and high in pitch.
Mid 136.1: The same frequency as the Heart Chakra in Planetary tuning. Recommended to be used on stiff or uncomfortable joints.
Low 68.05: The Low OM Tuning Fork is used on our body especially lower part of the body. It creates beautiful overtones when activated.
It is useful in grounding and opening deep blockages in our body.
Bone: Used for healing Bone growth & repair. These are also used for Ligaments and Tendons. These forks are is also excellent for removing knots that develop in the muscles. It will help in releasing the tightness of cramps so that the muscle will relax and the brain will send the endorphins to help with the pain.

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2 Crystal (1088.8), 3 High (544.4), 1 Angel (2177.6), 4 High (272.2), 6 Low (68.05), 7 Bone (34), 5 Mid (136.1)