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Lama Chodpa Natural Tibetan Incense is handmade from ground-up herbs and blessed by Monks in Tashi Jong Khampagar Monastery in North India Himalaya region.

All varieties of Lama Chodpa incense are lovingly hand prepared from 31 medicinal herbs and other natural precious substances according to the instructions of ancient Tibetan monastic manuscripts. The gathering of the ingredients causes no ecological damage. Main ingredients including saffron, rose, cardamon, big cardamon, Indian Bedellnium, nutmeg, camphor, clove, dhoop herbal, cinnamon bark and other special precious substances.

One particular ingredient is the object of a 10-day blessing ceremony. Being attended by the entire Monastery, over 300 monks in Tashi Jong at the center of our village. It is then placed in the Dharma Protection chamber, blessed by a Togden meditation master once a day for a year before being included in our incense sticks.

The wrapping paper is also hand made by a Tibetan community in northern India and hand-printed in Tashi Jong.