Heavy Energy Harmonizer


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Heavy Energy Harmonizers are designed with 11 crystals and crystal powders, 3 types of metal shavings and powder and environmentally friendly resin to clear and cleanse heavy or dense energies while projecting high vibration, balanced and loving energy for your space or surroundings.
They are powerful enough to clear the energy of your space, desk, office or other area and small enough to carry in your pocket and keep with you wherever you go.

The high vibration of Tibetan Quartz and the energies of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite and Blue Kyanite help to bring in balanced, harmonious energy while Black Tourmaline, Shungite and Selenite provide powerful protective energy in addition to transmuting lower energies and mitigating EMF.

Heavy Energy harmonizers are created and cured while playing the Schumann resonance, also known as the Earth’s heartbeat, helping to ground and anchor the vibrations and energy of the Harmonizer.

Size: Approx. 1.75 inch in diameter, 1/2 inch in height
Due to being a handmade product, slight variations exist.