Fairy & Lady Green & White


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This statue depicts a moment of closeness between two figures. The Reptilian Fairy and Woman Statue features a woman as she sits on forest foliage, while a strange fairy with green scales hovers over her shoulder to get a closer look. This amazingly detailed statue features a base made up of loose rocks, from which grows a series of trunks and stalks topped with green foliage. Seated on this foliage is a woman with pale blonde hair, wearing a white dress with black accents. Hovering just behind her is a strange reptilian fairy with black hair. Green and yellow scales cover her arms and legs, while her wings spread behind her and her tail curls innocently at her side. The strange fairy leans carefully over the womans shoulder, as though trying to get closer. This incredible figurine is made entirely from cold cast resin, which has been attractively hand-painted in great detail.