Empowering practices for the highly sensitive


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Sensitivity is a gift, once you discover how to embrace your unique nature fully. Understanding and experiencing your core essence is key to learning how not to be overwhelmed by the world.

This experiential guide offers a gradually progressive series of 30 structured practices to help clear, balance, and protect your energy field, release fears, and allow you to gain lasting stability and equanimity in daily life. Focusing on energetic and emotional balance, the techniques help you work with your sensitivity and build protection for your subtle energy bodies and your subconscious mind, allowing you to balance your inner world. For each exercise you will know what the practice is useful for, how to tell that the technique is working, and what you are developing through the exercises, such as activating your pineal gland, charging up with prana energy, or protecting your system from energy vampires.

Allowing sensitives to stop sacrificing important parts of their unique nature in order to fit in, this guide supports empaths to become more comfortable with their heightened awareness, protect their energetic systems, and embrace full participation in society, where their gifts are sorely needed.