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At Soul Inspiration, you’ll find an incredible assortment of candles ideally suited for your purposes. We carry all of the following (prices for one candle): Magical Fairy Candles $15, Angel of Wisdom Candles $15, Gemstone Candles $15, Dragon Essence Candles…


Check out some of the clothing items available at Soul Inspiration: Harem Pants $20, T-Shirts $20-$25, Yoga Pants $23, Pashmina Scarf $15, Kaftan/Kimono $20, Belly Dance Hip Scarf $30, Faery Skirts individually priced (hand-made in Australia with fabric coming from…


Soul Inspiration carries a variety of beautiful tapestries featuring mandalas, dragons, Ganesha, and too many more to list! Prices vary from small tapestries for $15 to large tapestries for $25 and up. We also have pashminas for $15!


Our store has an incredible assortment of jewelry available – bracelets, necklaces, watches, earrings, and more! We also do custom orders for natural stone bracelets and malas.  Ask a staff member, or Just ask for more details.